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Feb 21, 2013 6:30pm EST
and a used fedora. >> he was like the blank check. >> if you could fly a plane with anybody dead or alive, who would it be? >> you want to make it back? >> i didn't say the last flight. >> psycho mike has some advice for the ladies. >> there are three things you can do to make you look hotter to most men. >> taking your birth control. >> no worries now. >> no worries except aids and herpes. >> it's not a kid. >> we got moby. >> when you tour in japan, do you use the bidets? >> why wouldn't they do that here? >> you wouldn't have to go outside and use the hose. >> when are we going to get that bidet? >> hi neighbor. >> it's oscar time which means all the big stars are flocking to hollywood to get free stuff because they are all cheap bastards like jessica alba or perhaps the biggest star of all nominated for best performance by a 42-year-old pretending to be 18 courtney stodden. >> what are you doing? >> i'm here for the oscar sweet giveaway. should be fun. >> we now go to oscar himself for being affiliated with courtney stodden. >> everything that is wrong with the oscars. who invited the
Feb 18, 2013 6:30pm EST
delicious. >> nothing mixes better than vanilla and chocolate and yet somehow racial harmony still eludes us. >> where is this? >> third avenue. >> was it east side? >> third and 89th. >> racial profile. >> is it possible they just profiled him as the shiftiest eye ever? >> that was mean. anyway, the deli apologized but people are pissed. like this guy. >> an employee of a deli, you're going to frisk me. you call the police and have the police frisk me but keep your hands off of me. >> absolutely. >> yes, deli, he won an oscar for god's sake. >> okay, there are probably better scenes. >> hey, billy. how you doing? >> we got billy bob thornton. so we asked him a bunch of tattoo questions. can you describe the feeling you had when you got the first tattoo? >> that was so long ago. it was in 1974 which back then people didn't get tattoos. just people in the navy or bikers. now you go to the dentist and now the dentist has a tattoo. >> it's so true. >> on a woman when they get a tattoo on their back, it's called a tramp stamp. what is it called when a man has a tattoo on his back? >> stupid. >>
Feb 20, 2013 6:30pm EST
come to earth and are going to kill the planet and they say if you can send us three specimens of human excellence, we'll spare the world. >> why don't we send up tyra banks since she already looks like an alien? >> "tmz" pop quiz, what is 64, just lost the super bowl and still has a way better life than you? answer colin kaepernick. >> totally makes up for not winning the super bowl. not really. but still looks fun. >> best photos of colin kaepernick just surfaced. chicks are doing body shots off of him. >> these pics taken right before the season show kaepernick was giving out the best body shots ever. except for these. the classics never die. >> he's having a great time. chicks are digging it. the girls have on mardi gras beads. >> colin is not only fun, he's brave because guess where he is partying his ass off. >> on this cruise in mexico. having fun, meeting chicks and not having his head cut off or being castrated by mexican drug lords. good for him. though there is something odd about the body shots. >> you're not supposed to do body shot off of dudes. >> unless it's off the peni
Feb 25, 2013 6:30pm EST
that tell us that. >> im not a hundred people. >> he calls somebody up on the phone and says smooth diggity is not letting us in. >> i understand that. >> sorry buddy. can't let you in. >> let's go. >> what company do you work for? >> the company that didn't let you into the awesome party. >> that was pretty funny. >> that is hilarious. >> now you're getting heckled by the peanut gallery. time to call it a night. >> we say sorry, you can't win them all. >> but ryan, you may not be the biggest star in hollywood but -- that's it really. >> float like a butterfly sting like a bee. >> we got laila ali at l.a.x. >> we say you and rhonda rousey, five minutes, who wins? >> she goes who? >> me and anybody i win. >> you take her on? >> i take on anybody, i win. >> that's classic ali. >> that's what she's supposed to say. >> rhonda rousey would punish her. >> that chick was around her neck choking her face off and she got out of it. >> you shook her off the back. >> you can't say that. >> she got kicked in the boob. >> she got kicked in the chest. >> if porn stars were feeling a burning sensation in
Feb 19, 2013 6:30pm EST
know or what you know, you know? >> yeah. >> ok. anyway -- thank you, "tmz" viewers, for helping us to solve this -- wait, you didn't, did you? this guy did. won a t-shirt. good luck, david. >> this girl trying too hard, try to picture her again, claudia romani, model. this time she's in a thong, underwear and stockings playing soccer by herself. she's trying it all. she's showered in a bikini, she's shook her butt around miami beach all over the place. this time she's trying to throw the ball back in to no one. >> do you feel used? >> do i? >> yeah. >> no, i'm calling her out. she's trying so hard but in the end, it's easy on the eyes. >> in the end. >> and now, solving important religious issues with cardinal donald weurl. >> cardinal, i know you're flying to rome. >> yes. >> we have the archbishop of washington, cardinal donald weurl. >> i love him. >> who doesn't? check out his arm candy. unfortunately, he's not allowed to have candy but there's only one thing on donnie's mind right now. >> he is in washington, d.c. he is heading to rome to vote on the pope. >> yes, we actually
Feb 15, 2013 6:30pm EST
of skateboarding is the use of marijuana. >> it would help with the pain. ow, ow. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> ow. >> good, how are you? >> we have amy schchumer. >> amy, am i missed watching you because my girl wanted to see another show in vegas but -- >> that's cold. that's cold. >> trust me. i was upset about that. >> i know you have a vegas show. >> would you ever watch britney if she was next door to your vegas show or something? >> yeah, who doesn't want to see britney? you mean britney spears, right? i don't want to be the one to tell you brittany murphy passed away. [laughter] >> i think she nailed it on that one. >> oh, my gosh. >> k.m.z. presents kim and kanye cause controversy. >> hi, kim. happy valentine's day. >> looks like they're going to dinner. >> they went to lowrey's prime rib for valentine's day. >> they went to lowrey's? >> no way! >> yes, way. kim and kanye went to lowrey's, the family favorite prime rib joint regular people go to for birthdays, little league banquets and a-plus report cards. >> you'd think they would be in paris on a river in a yacht.
Feb 14, 2013 6:30pm EST
measuring app. >> i asked josh to do something for the website to give us some kind of art. >> you said make chubby checker into a penis. >> he put a urethra in his hair. >> this is ron popeil's daughter. >> she's black. >> ron popeil cant produce black spawn. >> who said she was black? >> he said she was black. >> i was judging from the booty. >> we got kiefer sutherland. they changed the iron to a cat. would you buy a new set for that one piece? >> maybe for my grandson. >> he has a grandson? how old is he? >> he's 59. >> he's not 59. >> he's 59. i'm sorry. "tmz" pop quiz. >> what do women want most on valentine's day a, flowers; b, candy; or c, to taste the blood of a woman she's just murdered. this valentine's day cupid is bringing pain. someone explain. >> we have video of this unbelievable fight with one of the girls of "love & hip hop. decpwhrit all went down at a new york nail aslon grand opening. >> tiffany approached erica and started a lady war. >> they have some sort of issue. >> what is the issue? >> she thinks chamberlain was great britain's best prime minister. just kidding. i
Feb 11, 2013 6:30pm PST
, podría causar retiro del boxeador, me acusan de usar clembuterol, no es prohibida y nunca la use, dijo >> feliz tarde >> a las 11 tendremos renuncia del papa , funcionarios quieren prohibir acceso a ciertos pasajeros, mejor verifique estado de cuenta para pedir credito >> redes sociales cambian relaciones de pareja , 41% dice que descubrio infidelidad de pareja , en latinas, pero 2 de 3 personas se reencontraron con novios en redes sociales , ha revisado facebook o twitter ? dejenos los comentarios en las redes sociales (información en pantalla) >> vamos al noticiero univisión >> 2013. >>> con estas palabras en latÍn, el papa benedicto xvi anunciÓ sorpresivamente su renuncia, la primera renuncia de un papa en casi 600 aÑos, dijo que no tiene la fuerza necesaria para continuar con el ministerio de san pedro, su decisiÓn llevarÁ a la iglesia a un proceso de remplazar al lÍder de mÁs de 1200 millones de catÓlicos, y le diremos cuÁndo tomÓ su decision, y quienes son los candidatos a sustituirle. esta es una ediciÓn especial del "noticiero univisiÓn." ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> este e
Feb 18, 2013 6:30pm PST
, luis gutiérrez reaccionó ante la carta que fue publicada por us today. >>> si el presidente barack obama viene mañana al congreso, y dice esta es mi propuesta, demando acción, ustedes saben qué pasará. >>> el legislador hizo un llamado al presidente para respetar los procesos legislativos. >>> el presidente epseró 4 años, y ahora cuál es la urgencia después de 4 semanas. >>> en organizaciones como lulac también dicen que esto es contraproducente. >>> no hay forma de una reforma migratoria para la población hispana. >>> por su parte la casa blanca dic eq trabaja para una reforma migratoria y que también habrá progreso. >>> me mientras se lleva a cabo la legislación hay familias que piden ayudar. >>>s e nos hace un poco hipócrita que se haga el empuje de la reforma migratoria. >>> el esposo de josefina y padre de 3 hijos fue a ciudad juáre para recoger su visa, pero en el cnsulado estadouy se la negaron. >>> nos destrozaron al vida, nosotros hemos estado un año peleando su casa. >>> ellos esperan que cualquiera sea la reforma migratoria, tengan en cuenta sus casos.
Feb 8, 2013 6:30pm PST
ilegales, pero en otros estados se pueden conseguir. >>> son rifles que use en el ejercito, y estÁn hechos para la guerra, para matar gente en guerra. >>> la bala es tan veloz que es veloz, si uno dispara la bala atraviesa el cuerpo de un intruso y seguir atravesando varias paredes. >>> puede llegar hasta 3000 metros. >>> los precios comienzan en mil dÓlares. pero cuÁn facil es usar? pienso que es la primera vez que uso un arma de fuego en mi vida. me sorprendiÓ la facilidad con la que se aprieta el gatillo. en cuanto a los resultados. >>> luis, estos son los tiros, todos estÁn pegados, no tiene experiencia. >>> es la primera vez. >>> increÍble. esto le dice que es fÁcil disparar. >>> y hace lo que el ar15 sea tan peligroso, una poderosa arma por la que algunos desarrollaron un atracciÓn fatal. >>> el gobierno venezolano anunciÓ una devaluacion del 46%. fue hecho por el ministro de planificaciÓn, ahora se compra a 6 bolivares en el mercado negro el dÓlar estÁ por arriba de los 20. >>> el sueÑo de obtener ciudadanÍa para indocumentados podrÍa demorar varios aÑos. >>> quiÉn m
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)